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Acting as a Local Fleet Command Ship the FF-307 becomes clearly a target of choice for the enemy, to compensate this issue that class of ships were designed with a less developed and thinner structure.

Designed to remain mobile in combat, it continues to be a formidable opponent for its size compared to the other 307 subclasses.

Not meant to compete or match a BC-304 the FF-307 becomes interesting thanks to its price, being a smaller and quick ship the construction cost is significantly low in comparison to Standard Duty Daedalus Class.

Its task as Local Fleet Command is a straightforward procedure, known as "Collect-Distribute". The FF-307 is meant to collect tactical informations, and then distribute them across the fleet.

Built as a dedicated room outside of the Bridge makes of the CIC (Combat Information Center) an important information centre while keeping the Bridge uncongested of the amount of intelligence collected. To accomplish it's task the FF-307 is fitted with a substantial number of Local and Subspace detection instruments inherited from the Hermes Prototype.

In situations that its task is impossible or not needed the La Fayette Class act as a Defence Frigate meant to protect and defend the rest of the fleet. Usually helped by an ACV-307 Distant Support Frigate it can quickly receive a certain amount of reinforcement during combat.